The European Parliament sets new pollution limits for large agricultural and industrial farms

Asociatyvi nuotr.

Europeans have updated EU rules to reduce the air, water and land pollution allowed for large industrial plants and pig and poultry farms.

The new rules set stricter limits on air pollution from large agricultural and industrial farms, as well as indicative limits on water and raw material consumption, energy savings and waste, according to a press release from the European Parliament. The new environmental requirements will also apply to mines and battery factories, as well as to pig farms with more than 350 contract livestock and organic farms. EU rules will also apply to 300 laying hen farms.

By the end of 2026, the European Commission will assess whether to extend the tar&scaron restrictions to cattle farms and how to ensure that the tar&scaron requirements for EU farms also apply to farms in third countries that intend to export to the EU.

Firms failing to comply with the rules face fines of up to 3% of their annual turnover for the most serious infringements. Victims of fines will be able to seek damages.

The draft EU rules were supported by 393 MEPs, opposed by 173 and abstained by 49. The draft has been informally negotiated with the Council of the EU, so the entry into force of the rules requires only the formal approval of that institution. EU Member States will have 22 months to prepare for the implementation of the Directive.