Suitable for Agrifac self-propelled sprayers HVO

Agrifac purkštuvas.

As part of our efforts to contribute sustainably and efficiently to the world's food production, self-propelled sprayer manufacturer “Agrifac“ announces its latest innovation that will contribute to the global movement for sustainable agriculture and a reduced carbon footprint. Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO) will be available for use in „Agrifac“ self-propelled sprayers as an alternative to diesel, it has been announced.

"Agrifac" self-propelled sprayers help to increase yields and reduce environmental damage, while ensuring grower safety and increased profitability. Sustainability plays an important role in the development of spraying technologies and in the expansion of the range of reliable sprayer products, which is why „Agrifac“ has just announced another important innovation that will contribute to the reduction of pollution in agriculture.

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO), derived from 100% renewable raw materials, is suitable for use in “Agrifac” sprays as an alternative to diesel. Initial test and study results show that all „Agrifac“ mašinos with „Cummins“ engines are compatible with HVO, which is a necessary step towards sustainability.

HVO is changing sustainability and circular economy practices. On the one hand, it is a highly efficient fuel alternative that can effectively replace diesel. On the other hand, it is a waste synthesised product that allows for efficient and profitable waste management. The product can therefore reduce the carbon footprint by up to 90%, which contributes significantly to the reduction of išal emissions worldwide. Its plasticity makes it disposable and seamlessly blendable with diesel. With stricter requirements and a range of financial incentives for sustainable choices, "Agrifac's" commitment to alternative fuels will enable it to lead the way in responsible farming.

&Scaron's progress is driven by "Agrifac"'s strong partnership with industry. Working closely with "Cummins", which develops "Agrifac" turbo engines around the world, i&scaron& testing has resulted in one of the most fuel-efficient agricultural machines in the world. Now a long-term partnership will continue with HVO.

At the same time, a new partnership has been established between "Agrifac" and "Dalhuisen", the main HVO supplier in the Netherlands. “Dalhuisen” supplied fuel to "Agrifac" for testing and later, after seeing the impressive results, awarded "Agrifac" the certificate "Good Fuel CO2 Reduction".