"Jonava Grains has installed a solar power plant on one of the largest grain elevators in Lithuania

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The company AB „Jonava Grain has installed a 500 kilowatt (kW) solar power plant at an altitude of 40 metres. The solar modules installed on the roof of the company's grain elevator, which can store the State Reserve, will generate almost half of its electricity needs, the company said.

The company's decision to install a solar power plant on the grain elevator was based on several reasons. Firstly, the desire to focus on the European Green Deal, and secondly, the desire to become an independent producer as well as a consumer of electricity.

„Jonava Grain“ CEO Darius Karpavičius says that the solar plant, installed at a height of 40 metres, will generate almost half of the company's electricity needs. According to Karpavičius, there was no state support for such a project, but after assessing the benefits of renewable energy, the company financed it internally.

The solar power plant on the roof of the Jonava Grain elevator was designed and installed by „“. Julius Sakalauskas, the company's manager, said that it was an extraordinary and extremely challenging project – first of all, because of the challenges that the design and installation teams had to overcome, as well as working in a combustible environment.