A simple guide to keeping salads fresh and crisp for much longer

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With the weather, salads are a good value and durable option for morning porridge, barbecue or just as a healthy, quick lunch. This is also reflected in the behaviour of shoppers – for many, salads are inseparable from the &scaron season, and are more often and more varied in the shopping bags, says Gintarė Kitovė, Communications Manager at a supermarket chain. Whichever greens you choose and whatever recipe you try, one of the most important things to do when preparing a good salad is to make sure the sheets are fresh and crisp. To do this, it's worth remembering a few tips.

However, there is no doubt that the closer we get to summer, the more often we are all preparing salads, making light rolls with green leaves, and the demand for crisp, juicy salads is growing significantly. We can see that customers are increasingly looking for more interesting choices, even in the salad section, not only for the popular leafy greens, but also for „Lollo Biondo“, „Romaine“, „Iceberg“ or different salad mixes. We promote a healthy, balanced diet, which is why this week we have also announced useful promotions for loyal customers on various špublic salads and their mixes“, – says G. Kitovė.

Keep lettuce at home like this – you'll significantly prolong its šmity

With the weather getting warmer and menus getting lighter, you want to make sure you never run out of salads at home. There is still a belief that it takes only a few days to wilt, so you should only buy as much as you will use in one or two meals. However, according to Jolanta Sabaitienė of the Vegetable and Fruit Department, all you have to do is remember how to store šlivest lettuce at home – and it will stay šlivest and last much longer.

Wash. When putting lettuce in the &scaron, it is important to inspect it and remove any damaged, shriveled or heavily wilted leaves, says J. Sabaitienė. Bacteria from such leaves can spread to other leaves, so picking them off will protect healthy leaves.

Dry. To keep lettuce fresh for longer, too much moisture is the number one problem. Therefore, it is very important to dry the lettuce well after rinsing. You can use paper towels to dry them, but a rotating salad spinner will be the most effective way to dry them," advises the &scaron & Sage Connoisseur.

Wrap the whole head –. If you have bought a head of lettuce, wrap it, once dried, in a damp paper towel and place it in a resealable plastic bag or wrap it in foil. Store in a food processor.

Place individual leaves in a container. This proven method will ensure that, depending on the condition of the lettuce, it will remain špublic for a week or even longer. First of all, roughly chop the washed and drained leaves. Line the bottom of a glass or plastic container with a paper towel, then place the lettuce. Place one or two more sheets of paper towel on top to absorb any excess moisture and close the container.

„You can also use a plastic bag, as long as you leave an open corner for air to flow. However, a sturdy container will better protect the fragile leaves from damage, Sabaitienė points out. Also, don't forget to change the paper towels every few days if they become damp, which will prevent bacteria from growing.

Stay away from avocados To keep lettuce fresh for longer, the vegetable expert advises keeping it away from ethylene-containing fruits such as avocados, pears, apples and tomatoes. As they ripen, they release gases that cause other produce to ripen and spoil more quickly.

Ledo bath to restore šfreshness Remember that even if you do everything right, lettuce can šwilt a little. You can revive the Šliveliness by soaking the cut lettuce in ice water for a few minutes and then draining it.

Simple but gourmet: baked camembert cheese with šlight salad

Salads have long been a non-boring food – their great variety and abundance of recipes allow you to pleasantly surprise even the pickiest of eaters. Gailė Urbonavičiūtė, culinary technologist at „Iki“, tells us that when choosing a salad, it is worth thinking about what you will combine it with. The right leaves will enrich the dish with new gastronomic sensations.

„For example, „Lollo biondo“, „Lollo rosso“ are lettuces that are very popular among greens lovers and have a šslightly bitter taste. It goes well with apples, dried berries and šlight boiled potatoes. „Romaine“ goes well with chicken, cheese or early vegetables. It has a distinct, assertive flavour and is therefore also suitable for green cocktails or grilled dishes. And „Iceberg“ – is a succulent, non-spicy, pleasantly sweet salad, ideal with many different ingredients, such as fruit, vegetables, cheese or poultry, – says G. Urbonavičiūtė.