A farmer gives his 50 ha of land for a military exercise

Savanorių pratybos ūkininko žemėje.

On 15 April. The 2nd Detachment of the Darius and Girėnas District of the Krajina Volunteer Force (KASP) trains to conduct a tactical march and trench installation.

Almost 50 hectares of land for the exercise was provided by farmer Paulius Martynaitis. "A simple friend of mine says: we need the area. The area was not sown, last year I prepared the soil for sowing and it started to rain, so it was left un-sown until late autumn," says Mr Martynaitis.

The heavy rainfall left the land unused, making it ideal for military exercises, he said.

„Ištried it, praised it, said it was a very good place. There are big fields, miškas, canals – like a real training ground“, – the farmer is happy.

The exercise involved 205 soldiers, building defensive fortifications, trenches and reconnaissance of districts and positions.

Farmers in the ranks of the Volunteer Force for the Protection of the Krajšto took part in the exercise as well.

The Facebook account of the 2nd Darius and Girėnas Detachment states that good physical training, soldier's skills and consistency are another step towards the successful execution of the operation. The post mentions that consistent goal pursuit and quality teamwork lead to good team cohesion, the ability to work in stressful situations and the completion of tasks.

 „Some attacked, others defended – trained hard. They weaved a lot and worked not only during the day but also at night. When it rained, I thought that the soldiers would do nothing, but like real soldiers they worked in all conditions," says Martynaitis.

Facebook shows that every task requires strength, concentration and perseverance.