Irmantas Tarvydis, founder and owner of UAB Ivabalte, died suddenly

Irmantas Tarvydis Rokiškio Sirena nuotr.

On Friday, Irmantas Tarvydis, the founder and owner of UAB „Ivabaltė“, one of the largest distributors of agricultural machinery, passed away suddenly. According to „Rokiškio Sirena“, he was one of the most successful businessmen in Rokiškis, who was also actively involved in the political activities of Rokiškis district.

The 58-year-old businessman ran for the post of mayor of Rokiškis district several times, was a member of the district council for a number of terms, and after the 2023 local elections, the politician worked in the opposition.

Antianas Vagonis, a colleague of the opposition, who has been in close contact with Tarvydis not only in politics but also on other business issues, said that the businessman had gone to the capital a couple of days ago to check his health. He said he was going to Vilnius for blood tests. I don't know in great detail, but the medics said that his blood was bad and told him to go to hospital immediately. I called him yesterday, but he did not answer, did not call back. Today I received a call from Irmant's daughter and got the sad news – a comrade had died in hospital...“ 

The VMU Academy of Agriculture also expressed its condolences to the family of the deceased, as Tarvydis was an alumnus of the VMU Academy of Agriculture and the president of the alumni club "ŽŪA alumni".

„We have lost an active, proactive personality who left a strong imprint on the activities of the Academy of Agriculture of the VMU Academy of Agriculture, – writes the Academy of Agriculture of the VMU Academy of Agriculture. – I. Tarvydis was active for the benefit of the VMU Academy of Agriculture, promoting the education of students, attracting and encouraging students. In order to address the shortage of skilled professionals in the regions, in 2021 he initiated the establishment of the "Smart Student Academy" in Rokiškis Experimental Engineering Classroom in 2021, which was an example of a successful cooperation between VMU Arable Academy of Agriculture and a local business in the field of promoting students' education.

UAB „Ivabaltė“ represents the brand „Fendt“. Both of Tarvydis' daughters work for the company.

Agroverslo portal „Agrobite“ expresses its condolences to the family.