VH Lietuva provides farmers with the latest crop insurance news through a series of seminars and trainings

Mokymų akimirka.

The Crop Mutual Fund „VH Lietuva“ has started the spring insurance phase with seminars-trainings “Crop insurance issues” in all regions of Lithuania.

„There are a few things we want to highlight. One of them is that if you want to insure your crops against the risk of spring frost (effective from 1 May), you need to do it by 5 April," says „VH Lietuva“.

The other insured risks (hail, storm, heavy rain, natural drought, prolonged rain, fire) will be insured until 31 May.

For more information you can contact “VH Lietuva” insurance regional managers, insurance consultants, office in Kaunas or submit an e-mail inquiry.