An Iranian attack on Israel could trigger World War III

Iranas raketomis ir dronais atakavo Izraelį.

On Sunday evening, a new conflict erupted in the Middle East, with the potential to escalate into World War III.

Evening and overnight from Monday to Sunday, Iran fired some 150 rockets and 185 combat drones at Israel in two waves of attacks.

Israel responded with retaliatory strikes, although not as massive as the attack.

With the help of allies, it managed to shoot down 99 percent of the missiles and drones, YNET reported.

One of the main Iraqi targets was an Israeli airbase in Ramon, near Eilat.

It is alleged that Jordan allowed Israel to use its airspace to allow the Jews to shoot down at least some of the missiles and drones with fighter jets. The TV channel "Al Arabiya" reported that Jordan's air defence systems were trying to intercept missiles fired by Iran.

There were also reports that a military base at Ain Al-Asad, a military base of Israel's ally the US in western Iraq, had been attacked.

Iran's news agency reported that if Israel tries to retaliate with a war, Al-Assad will redouble its offensive against Israel.

"Jewish Media" reports that US President Biden, in a telephone conversation with his Israeli counterpart, Israeli Prime Minister B. Netanyahu urged Israel not to respond directly to the Iranian attack. He warned Mr Netanyahu that the US had no intention of engaging in a direct conflict with Iran.

But the attacks resumed in the early morning. Once again, missiles were fired from Lebanon, an ally of Iran.

In the Iranian capital, Tehran, residents cheered the strikes on Israel throughout the night.

The Middle East šalys are large importers of grain as well as beef. In the event of war, it is unclear how this will affect all supply chains.