Latvia reduced alcohol production by 8% in the first quarter of the year.

Asociatyvi nuotr.

Latvia produced 10.314 million litres of alcoholic beverages in the first quarter of the year, excluding beer, down 8.1% compared to January-March last year, the State Revenue Service has reported.

Production of fermented beverages with a strength of more than 6 % declined by 56.4 %, while production of weaker beverages – increased by 27.3 %. The production of intermediate alcoholic products with an alcoholic strength of less than 15 % declined by 18.1 %, while the production of 15 to 22 strengths increased by 57.1 %.

Wine production decreased by 17.4 percent.

Other alcoholic beverages production decreased by 10.2 percent. Total production in absolute alcohol terms fell by 9.5 percent.

In 2023, Latvia reduced its production of alcoholic beverages, excluding beer, by 18.8 per cent in natural alcoholic terms.