Thousands of farmers protest in Madrid

Ispanijos ūkininkų protestas.

Thousands of Spanish farmers demonstrated once again in the capital Madrid on Sunday with tractors, demanding better prices for their produce and denouncing the European Union's agricultural policy.

Early on Sunday morning, farmers from different parts of the country headed towards Madrid, causing traffic problems.

But the mood was largely peaceful, according to reporters from the state-run television RTVE.

Farmers' association Unión de Uniones said farmers were also concerned about improving relations between urban and rural residents.

Demonstrators first went in a caravan with their heavy tractors to the Ministry of Environment, and from there to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Luis Cortésas iš Unión de Uniones warned on television that farmers will reactivate their protests if the government does not offer solutions to the many problems facing the šalies agricultural sector.

Spanish farmers, like many farmers across the European Union, have been protesting against difficult economic conditions and tough regulations which they say are making it harder for them to make a living.