Lemken resumes only part of production after cyber attack

Asociatyvi nuotr.

Agricultural implements manufacturer „Lemken“ has resumed production at its Alpena plant, but production is still suspended at its other factories.

„Agrobite“ recalls that on 11 May 2024, „Lemken“ suffered a major cyber-attack, and to protect itself from further damage, the company has shut down all its IT systems and has brought in external specialists. „Lemken“ was forced to halt production worldwide and employees in the offices worked only remotely.

After a while, some of the production capacity was restored.

„We are pleased to announce that from the beginning of this week we can resume machine production at our factory in Alpena. However, we are still currently operating in emergency mode, which means that not all processes and workflows are running smoothly yet. We expect to have processes back up to 100 percent operation in no more than 4 weeks," „Lemken“ said at the end of May.

The company also says that customers can contact the company by email or through its official representatives if they have a problem with spare parts.

„Our email system is externally managed and has never been affected by attacks, so you can contact us securely through it“, – emphasizes „Lemken“.

"With the help of specialists and in cooperation with the State Criminal Investigation Service, we are in full swing analysing the consequences of the attack and building a new IT infrastructure. Our internal processes are currently in emergency mode. Our business partners were informed within a short time. We have also warned our employees to be careful with fraudulent enquiries or payment requests following the attack. Based on initial detailed analyses, our customers' data was not affected as our security systems were very effective," said Anthony van der Ley, CEO of „LEMKEN Group“.