"Patriot is not a missile system. They are Case IH 300 series sprayers

Case IH purkštuvas

Agricultural machinery manufacturer "Case IH" has unveiled a new configuration of its Patriot 300 Series Purk&scaron ploughs at "Expoagro 2024".

The updated Case IH Patriot 300 purk&scaron 300 is equipped with a new NEF 6 engine, which provides more power than the previous version. It also features a new hydraulic system.

The new engine provides increased reliability, long life, lower fuel consumption, constant speed and high durability.

Economy mode, activated from the cabin, allows you to limit the engine speed to 2,000 rpm, ideal for flat terrain, resulting in a significant reduction in fuel consumption of up to 15%.

The "Patriot 300" is equipped with "Heavy Duty" hydraulic transmission pumps, which have a higher horsepower and are therefore more reliable. The hydraulic system has been significantly upgraded.

The pump has a 36 m long aluminium beam, which significantly reduces the overall weight of the pump. The Purk&scaron also incorporates the latest "Raven" technology.

& Currently, the &scaron is only available in the US market. However, they will eventually be available in Europe.