Environmental authorities seize 26 parrots of protected species illegally kept in a cellar

Įvykio nuotr.

After an inspection in Neveronyse (Kaunas district), officials of the Department of Environmental Protection seized 26 parrots illegally stored in the basement of a protected house from a person. The parrots were handed over and are currently being kept at the Wildlife Care Centre.

Officers of the Wildlife Protection Division of Alytus š. In February 2007, the Sanctuary's wildlife officers inspected the conditions of wild animals kept in the basement of a house in Neveronyse, Kaunas district. Parrots and other animals (guinea pigs, hamsters) were kept there. 

The person keeping the animals did not have any documents to legally keep protected animals. In February, following a court order to enter the person's home and in the presence of specialists from the Wildlife Care Centre, officers from the Alytus Wildlife Protection Unit took 26 parrots from the protected species and handed them over to the Wildlife Care Centre. The person who illegally kept the seized animals was charged with an administrative offence and fined 30 euros. 

Information concerning other animals (rodents and unguarded parrots) kept in the basement in potentially poor conditions and the welfare of the animals was immediately forwarded to the State Food and Veterinary Service (VMVT) for further investigation.

A risk assessment of wildlife keepers at the end of last year compared the results of the systems of the Department of Environmental Protection and the VMVT. The aim – to identify wildlife keepers who do not respect environmental requirements. Iš 13 keepers identified, 7 were checked. 3 infringements were detected.