Lithuanian milk purchase price exceeds European average

Asociatyvi nuotr.

Lithuanian dairy processors pay more than the European Union (EU) average for the milk they buy from large dairy farms. Large dairy farms produce 67.5% of all milk in Lithuania. This is according to data published by the Agricultural Data Centre and the EU Milk Market Observatory (MMO).

The average farm-gate price for natural milk in January this year for large dairy farms in Lithuania was 47.24 cents per kilogram, compared to an EU average of 46.73 cents.

According to the MMO, the total farm-gate milk price in Lithuania, calculated as a weighted average of all farms, remained high in the first two months of the year.

According to the MMO's preliminary data, the average farm-gate price of natural milk for all farms in Lithuania was 42.68 cents per kilogram in February this year, 15.8% higher than in February 2023 (36.84 cents).

„Almost all the milk bought in Lithuania, or about 97%, is processed in Lithuania. This means that the purchase price of milk is competitive compared to Poland, Latvia and Estonia. Therefore, the milk stays on the home market," Simonis noted.