No buyer found for Polish tractor manufacturer Ursus

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Šiemet has launched a call for Polish tractor and commercial vehicle manufacturer "Ursus" to buy, but so far no buyers have come forward.

If such a buyer were to emerge, it would own the entire company: the factory in Lublin, where tractors and electric buses are assembled, other production capacities, as well as the brand.

„I confirm that no person submitted a bid in response to the organised call for bids for the purchase of Ursus SA in bankruptcy within the time limit set by the rules for submitting bids for the purchase of a company“,“, – the bankruptcy administrator of  "Ursus SA", Mr Pawel Glodek‘, announced the failure of the tender.

"Ursus" factory was founded in 1893 in Var&scaron. In 1930, due to the global financial crisis, it fell on hard times and was nationalised.

The factory was not destroyed during the Second World War, but the Soviets took all the equipment and valuables with them.

Ursus developed over time, but never managed to meet European environmental standards. In the tractor segment, Ursus tried to cooperate with both South Korean manufacturers and the Czech Republic's „Zetor“.

In 2021, it was decided to declare bankruptcy for „Ursus“. The second call is expected to significantly reduce the price of „Ursus“ from the original call of €28.7 million.