The average yield of oilseed rape is 6.22 tonnes per ha! (VIDEO)

Those who visited the Agrovision 2024“ must have noticed that a number of companies offer winter wheat seed. It's not easy to choose, but we saw a number of solutions worthy of attention.

„Now is the time of year for winter crops. And we have a really good collection of winter rape“, &bdash; „ „ Agrobitė play“ told Kastytis Patiejūnas, director of UAB „ Sėklojas“, when we stopped by the KWS stand.

K. Patiejūnas is also a farmer himself, and for yield he singled out the KWS Laura winter rapeseed variety, which achieved an average yield of 6.22 tonnes per hectare in trials lasting 3 years. This is really very high for oilseed rape," says K. Patiejūnas.

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