Polish farmers' protest at the Lithuanian border ends

Skirmanto Lisausko / BNS nuotr.

Farmers in Poland have ended their protest at the border with Lithuania, which started last Friday, and vehicles are no longer checked on the road, a spokesman for the State Border Guard Service (SBGS) told BNS. 

„That's the message that the action there has ended“, – Giedrius Mišutis told BNS. 

According to the organisers of the protest, it was supposed to last a week. 

According to G. Mišutis, there were no problems at the Lithuanian border during the almost week-long action.

„There were no episodes where there were any queues, any disruptions, any very large numbers of officers involved, and so on and so forth. (...) That the strike, the blockade of farmers, which did not even amount to a blockade in the real sense of the word, would have caused any disruption in our territory, it certainly did not," said Mr Mišutis.

„Everything, so to speak, went smoothly“, – he added.

Government Chancellor Giedrė Balčytytė said that the police, border guards, customs and other services were actively cooperating with their Polish counterparts to ensure that queues at the border did not form and that when they did, as was the case on Monday evening due to the breakdown of the truck, they were managed as well as possible.

 According to Mr Mi&scaronis, the report of a broken down truck 8 kilometres from the Polish border was received on Tuesday at around 8 pm. By 22:00 it had been pulled off the road and traffic was moving normally.

„The cars were moving, maybe at a slightly slower speed, but here it's a couple of hours in a moving column, so let's not go. (...) It was pulled off the road quite quickly by Poland," Mr Mišutis told BNS.

G. Balčytytė said that the Ministry of Agriculture and the Minister had taken care to answer all the questions of Polish farmers and to dispel the myths about the "merry-go-round" route of grain to Lithuania and other countries.

„The Lithuanian services will continue to actively cooperate with their Polish counterparts and farmers' representatives to continue to ensure proper accounting of the agricultural products travelling through Lithuania and Poland, as has been the case up to now, as well as to prevent any attempts to prevent shipments of stolen grain from Russia and the Ukraine from travelling through Lithuania or Poland," Ms Balčytytė said.

At the request of Polish farmers, officials began checking what trucks were transporting from Lithuania to Poland last Friday at the former Kalvaria-Budzisk border crossing. They feared that some Ukrainian grain was returning to Poland from Lithuania.

Šabout 6,000 trucks a day use this road.