Polish farmers blocked the border crossing with Slovakia at Chyně

Asociatyvi nuotr.

Polish farmers started a blockade of the Polish-Slovak border at 10:00 local time (11:00 Lithuanian time) on Friday near the village of Chyzna in southern Poland.

About 100 tractors and other agricultural machinery appeared at the crossroads in Chyžno. All trucks entering from Slovakia have been stopped and farmers are controlling trucks entering from Poland.

As previously agreed, one lorry per hour is allowed to pass.

„We are focusing on goods transported by isothermal trucks and semi-trailers, which do not show what goods are being transported,– said protest leader Pawel Dziubek. – We are atš the import of low-quality food products fromš Ukraine because we have enough food products of our own."

„We want to grow food and we don't want to be restricted“, – he added.

Last week, the idea of a protest to block the border crossing at Chyně was officially communicated to local officials in Jablonka.

The message states that the protest will continue until the end of March and is an "action against the uncontrolled import of grain from Ukraine to the European Union, which destabilises the grain market and worsens the economic situation of farmers, as well as against the so-called green rate".