How can farmers combat negative propaganda? (VIDEO)

Farmers are subjected to many epithets ranging from being seen as the worst polluters of nature to being seen as dependents.

What can be done to improve the image of farmers in society? Ultimately, to make the farmer's own public perception more positive?

Zita Varanavičienė, head of the association Zita Varanavičienė, thinks that society itself should first of all crawl out of its own shell, out of its own bubble.

„She needs to look at how farmers live: how they work, what technologies they use (...) There are two things – "to be" and "to look". It is the farmers who concentrate first on "being". They try to use resources sparingly, that is, to be cost-effective, to work with the latest technology and they do not have time to focus on how to look. Society itself also needs to be more open to what is happening on farms. Just want to see“, – convinced Z. Varanavičienė.

She adds that farmers are the masters of their land. „They live in that environment and they are more interested than all of us in making sure that the environment in which they live is good for them, their children, their grandchildren“, – says the agricultural expert.

Learn more about this in this interview with Z. Varanavičienė, Head of „Agrobite play“ at „CropLife Lietuva“.