A tractor is historic not only because of its age

„Kelionė įveikta!“- pasidžiaugė sėkmingai apie pusę tūkstančio kilometrų į Vilnių ir atgal įveikęs ūkininkas Kintas Marinskas.

More than 40 tractors have arrived in Vilnius to picket the government and several farmers from Biržai region have taken part. Kintas Marinskas also made the historic journey and brought his powerful T – 150 tractor for the trip.

An honest mistake

When we reported on the farmers' rally at the Government, we made a mistake with the owner of the tractor, and we apologise profusely. We would like to clarify that the tractor was driven from Biržai to Vilnius by Kintas Marinskas, who successfully drove it back to his farm.

We apologise and look forward to the right decisions by the Government. It took a lot of courage, bravery and stubbornness to go and come back.

The most important thing is unity and friendship

We asked if it was difficult to drive such a tractor, allšsomešunfit to drive štaken kilometres? Farmer K. Marinskas said that he was the only one who had driven such an old tractor from Biržai.

„On the way to the capital, his legs fell off because the tractor has no braking system. However, on the way back to Biržai, my friends provided me with šlong shoes and headphones, so I reached home successfully. The journey did not take too long, because it is more fun to ride with company.

With „one and a half“ – straight to Gediminas Avenue

K. Marinskas' friends commented on social networks that many other farmers were even envious that a farmer from Biržai district had the courage to use such a tractor to cover almost one and a half kilometres one way and the same amount of kilometres back on his way back home.

Marinskas said that he has no regrets about his journey and the impressions and emotions he experienced. The young Biržai farmer's historic T-150 tractor attracted a lot of media attention as it was parked on the most famous street in Vilnius, Gediminas Avenue.

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