Farmers in Kelme "stormed" the security hall. Here's what happened (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, farmers in the Kelme district clearly demonstrated that the Lithuanian Road Administration, which is under the authority of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, disregards the interests of farmers by installing artificial barriers.

Kelme District Farmers' Union (KRŪS) appealed to the Lithuanian Road Administration and the Kelme District Municipality in December 2022, almost 1.5 years ago, about the planned installation of safety islands on Vytautas Didžiojo and Raseinių streets in Kelme.

Back then, farmers claimed that the safety islands would make the road narrower and prevent the passage of heavy farm machinery.

"The Union points out that farmers transporting their produce both to the grain reception point in the village of Pagojis and to the fields with agricultural machinery do not have the possibility to bypass the above mentioned streets. The members of the CRU suggest that other engineering measures should be taken to ensure traffic and pedestrian safety. Farmers suggest that the possibility of installing speed humps or other engineering measures that do not narrow the lanes should also be considered, – then there is the possibility of filming the farmers.

They suggested that the lane should not be narrower than 4.7 metres, depending on the dimensional parameters of the agricultural machinery being manufactured and sold.

But this was not taken into account by the Road Administration. As many as 5 analogue safety islands are planned for the streets in question. For more information on what the farmers managed to find when they arrived with their heavy machinery at the already installed safety islands with the representatives of the Road Administration, see the report "Agrobite play". And don't forget to subscribe to our free "Agrobite play" channel on "Youtube". Also comment on what you think about the above situation where farmers are finding it difficult to access their fields.