"FLINGK silage cutters, straw crackers and more for livestock farms (VIDEO)

One of the more interesting gems of the „What you sow...“ exhibition, which does not require the purchase of exhibition medals to showcase them to the farming community, was spotted in Pavilion 3.

They are particularly suitable for small farms where farmers have limited working space, but the machines can also cope well with the needs of larger farms.

Interestingly, one of the founders of the „FLINGK Machinebouw“ factory has also come to the show, so „Agrobite“ is hearing first-hand from „Agrobite“ how the company's products are doing well in Europe.

„We have around 50 distributors throughout Europe and this is the second time we have participated in ši“, – said Niels van den Berselaar.

See the report from the „BIGTECH“ stand in the &scaron video below. We have no doubt that you will appreciate what you see.