Livestock population in the European Union continues to decline in 2023

Galvijai. Gedimino Stanišausko nuotr.

The livestock population in the European Union was lower in 2023 than in the previous year, Eurostat said on Tuesday, based on provisional data provided by Member States,

Pigs declined last year by 1% to 133 million, cattle by 1% to 74 million, sheep by 3% to 58 million, goats by 5% to 11 million.

The report notes that while changes in pig and cattle populations at EU level last year were relatively modest, individual Member States recorded significant changes.

Croatia and Ireland saw significant declines in pig populations (10% each), while Bulgaria and Malta recorded sharp increases (21% each).

Latvia saw the biggest decline in cattle last year (6%), followed by Lithuania, Estonia, Portugal, Finland and Hungary (around 3% each). Cyprus was the only šalis to record a slight increase (1%).

Over the last de&scaron>year, the EU has seen a decline in the populations of all livestock breeds. Cattle populations declined by 5%, pigs by 6%, sheep by 9% and goats by 15%.