Millions paid out by processors as a joke to make milk producers cry

Asociatyvi nuotr. Canva nuotr.

Vilky&scaronkiai Pieninė, one of the largest dairy processing companies in the country, will pay a dividend of EUR 3.7 million, or 31 cents per share, after generating an audited net profit of EUR 2.527 million in the previous year.

Shareholders on Friday distributed a profit of 38.61 million euros, of which 34.9 million euros will be carried forward to the next year, Vilky&scaronškių pieninė said on Friday via the Vilnius Stock Exchange on the Nasdaq.

In 2023, Vilkyškių pieninė paid a dividend of EUR 3.165 million, or 26.5 cents per share.

Vilky&scaron&kiai dairy belongs to the „Vilvi Group. It also comprises the subsidiaries of Vilkyškių pieninė, „Modest“, Kelmės pieninė and „Pieno logistika“.

The Group's shares are listed on the Official List of the Stock Exchange.