The NMA is the subject of an unprecedented scandal. A senior adviser has been dismissed

NMA pastatas.

A scandal of unprecedented proportions is unfolding in the National Paying Agency (NPA). According to the Agrobitė“ portal, on Wednesday, the Central Investigation Board of the Special Investigation Service (SIB) informed the NPA that the Senior Adviser of the NPA's Department for Rural Development, Fisheries Programmes and National Assistance, J.P., has been suspended from his post.

It is hereby informed that by decision of the Vilnius City District Court and in the course of the pre-trial investigation, Mr J.P. has been charged with suspicion and suspended for a period of one month from 19 March to 19 September.

In general, such a lengthy suspension may mean that the suspect has been arrested with a seized bribe or in the course of committing another serious criminal offence.

J.P. worked as an adviser to former Agriculture Minister Giedrius Surplus, and later joined the National Paying Agency under the scandalously sacked Aleksandras Muzikevičius.

As a result of the STT's comment, Agrobitė contacted the Director General of the NMA, Fortunatas Dirginčius, because the new head of the NMA had reportedly encouraged or promoted Mr P. to the post. The Minister of Agriculture, Kęstutis Navickas, was also asked to comment on the situation.