Rumšiškės hosts a spectacular celebration of the farming community and sets a record (VIDEO)

Linas agro“ In Rumšiškės (Kaunas district), a spectacular celebration for customers and partners took place, crowning the Grudo Road 2024 that took place in different regions of Lithuania.

The company itself assured that the celebration gathered not only the most loyal customers, friends and partners of „Linas Agro“, but also the record-breakers.

The point is that until now, Lithuania has set a record for 600 hats thrown into the air at the same time. This time, the record has been broken by a wide margin, and it has been made official.

Company representatives said that the celebration was a symbol of the bountiful harvest and prosperous agriculture, but that preparations were also being made for something even more important – the next grain harvest.

Watch a short report from the event in this „Agrobite play“ video clip. And don't forget to subscribe to this free „Youtube“ channel so you don't miss anything important.