"Einböck doubles production capacity and opens energy-independent plant in Austria

Šeimos verslui priklausančios gamyklos vadovai teigia esą idealiai pasirengę ateičiai.

After two years of construction, the new „Einböck“ plant in Austria is fully operational. With more than 220 employees, the 70,000 m² facility produces specialised products for crop and grassland care, tillage, sowing and fertiliser application. As demand for agricultural machinery for mechanical weed control increases, „Einböck“ has doubled its production capacity and invested more than €35 million in its new „Dobl“ plant. The expansion is now officially complete and the first cars from the new plant were on the road in February this year.

Šeima's business leaders say they are ideally prepared for the future. With high-tech machines and one of the most modern plants in the agricultural machinery sector, they will be able to expand production capacity and produce new and, most importantly, larger machines faster.


The new plant has a new paint shop, a cold storage facility, an overhead conveyor and assembly and forwarding operations are now fully operational. The modifications and investments at the previous „Einböck“ plant, including the cutting, sheet metal working and welding shop, have also been successfully completed.

The construction of the new plant is an important milestone in the company's history and underlines „Einböck“ commitment to innovation and sustainability in agricultural technology. The plant has introduced independent energy production solutions – the use of solar energy and a woodchip heating system. „Einböck“ operates a photovoltaic plant with a capacity of 1 310 kWp on an area of 7800 m². Installing an additional PV system on more than one hectare of roof space will generate 1,830 kWp of power, saving around 1,070 tonnes of CO2 annually. With 4 wood chip boilers of 2.35 mW, the heating needs are also met without the use of fossil fuels.


Leopold Einböck, who heads the company, and his sons Leopold Einböck Jr. and Michael Einböck, are particularly proud to have taken a strong step towards energy independence by being able to produce all the electricity and &scaron&length they need, without leaving any CO2 footprint.

„Einböck“ has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing mechanical weed killers that are environmentally friendly. Einböck“ is one of the world's largest suppliers of mechanical weed killers, with a leading position in the field. Einböck“ machines are sold on almost every continent in the world and are very popular with farmers because of their convenience and utility. 85% of „Einböck“ machines are exported to more than 30 countries worldwide. The manufacturer's product range comprises 4 main product lines: crop care, soil tillage, grassland care and sowing and fertiliser. Over the last 20 years, the company has focused on developing techniques for weed control and organic farming.


Aerostar harrows are popular in our šala, Chopstar inter-row cultivators for loosening the row spacing of all row crops, Rotarystar rotary harrows for aeration, breaking up the surface crust, and removing moisture;for soil loosening and weed control without damaging plants, the Aerostar Rotation rotary harrow with rotating rotors, and the Pneumaticstar pasture care harrow for loosening topsoil and cultivating turf.

„Einböck“ has been officially represented by UAB „Dotnuva Baltic“ in Lithuania and Latvia for 21 years. Agricultural machinery specialists provide professional advice and guidance on the right solution for individual farms. Contact us +370 612 06315, mindaugas.diksaitis@dotnuvabaltic.lt