Lithuanian Agricultural Machinery Association becomes a member of the international CLIMMAR organisation

Erikas Bėrontas.

On 14 March 2024, the Lithuanian Agricultural Machinery Association (LMAA) became a member of CLIMMAR, the international association of agricultural and garden machinery dealers. This is a major breakthrough for the Lithuanian agricultural machinery sector, opening the door to international cooperation, representation and knowledge exchange.

CLIMMAR brings together 15 national agricultural machinery dealer associations and more than 19,000 member companies from all over Europe. The agricultural machinery companies employ overš 166,000 employees and serve more than 3.2 million farmers with almost 2 billion ha of land. As a member of CLIMMAR, the prestigious international association of agricultural and horticultural machinery, LFA opens the door to a wide range of international opportunities for its members. Here, representatives of the Lithuanian agricultural machinery sector will be able to establish valuable contacts with colleagues from all over Europe, participate in various seminars, conferences and other events, as well as gain knowledge from the best specialists in their field. Most importantly, however, cooperation with foreign colleagues will make it easier to address legal issues, as well as other pressing issues such as employment in the agricultural market, science and innovation, improving the quality of work, etc.

In addition, CLIMMAR membership enables LFA members to join a wide range of international projects aimed at promoting technological innovation and strengthening the sector's competitiveness in the global market. Participation in these projects will not only make Lithuanian companies more competitive, but will also contribute to the overall growth of the Lithuanian economy and the development of international cooperation.

LFAA President Erik Beront says that LFAA, which celebrated its 30th birthday last year, and its members are ready to move to a higher level and to tackle international issues. Thus, LFA's membership in CLIMMAR – is a strategic step that will strengthen the Lithuanian agricultural machinery sector and increase its international competitiveness. Membership will benefit not only LFA members, but also the entire Lithuanian agricultural community, opening up new opportunities for cooperation and promoting the development of the sector.