The only official distributor

Išimtinė teisė diegti ir prižiūrėti BAUER įrangą bei techniką patikėta UAB „interAG“.

Import and installation of irrigation equipment and water management equipment of the Austrian concern BAUER in Lithuania has been entrusted to the only representative of UAB „interAG“. Company has the right to install the equipment and provide warranty and post-warranty service. This is particularly important for farmers, because only by dealing with an official equipment supplier can they ensure reliable operation of their equipment.

According to the director of UAB „interAG“ Ugniaus Stančiauskas, the cooperation with BAUER concern is a great appreciation of our company's work.

„The BAUER Group has been in business for 90 years, operates four factories in Austria, two in Germany and specialises in three segments. The first is the production of manure and slurry handling (mixing, transport, separation, pasteurisation) equipment and BAUER slurry trucks. The second is the horticulture sector: unique irrigation systems for i&scaron, vegetables and crops. The third segment is municipal, where wastewater treatment systems are installed in smaller towns, as well as equipment for biogas plants," emphasises U. Stančiauskas. 

BAUER equipment is quite popular in Lithuania, there are even examples of equipment purchased 20 years ago and still in operation today.

"Although InterAG itself is quite young, its specialists have accumulated dešyears of experience in both distributing equipment from various manufacturers and have the necessary qualifications to maintain and service BAUER equipment“," says U. Stančiauskas. 

„All interAG specialists at BAUER plants have undergone sophisticated qualification training, so BAUER equipment in Lithuania is in safe hands from the beginning of 2022“, – emphasises U. Stančiauskas.

Appreciated responsibility and reliability

 UAB „interAG“ has committed not only to achieve the planned sales target in Lithuania, but also to create a team of specialized managers and service personnel capable of performing quality and fast maintenance of the equipment and installation of new equipment.

„We have made a commitment to service all BAUER equipment supplied to Lithuanian agriculture and utilities, as well as to have a wide range of spare parts available," says U. Stančiauskas, adding that this is an integral part of the duty of an official dealer.

Manufacturers of equipment and machinery are very careful to protect their reputation, so not just anyone is granted such rights.

In almost two years UAB „interAG“ has already installed BAUER separators, mixers, pumps, as well as separation-pasteurization stations and other equipment of the manufacturer in Lithuanian livestock farms.

Close ties with the factory

It is often the case that expensive equipment bought from unreliable suppliers leaves the farmer alone with the problem of installing the correct type of equipment.

„After the installation of the equipment, various undesirable situations can happen on the farm. When equipment can fail. For example, a separator or a manure separation-pasteurisation station operates 24 hours a day and it is easy to predict what will happen if it stops working for one reason or another, explains U. Stančiauskas.

In case of trouble, farmers are advised not to seek help from the "experts" but to contact qualified "interAG" technicians with BAUER certificates. This way, farmers will avoid potential losses or even more serious equipment breakdowns.

 That's why BAUER has granted our company rights so that we can help farmers in a timely and qualified manner“, – says U. Stančiauskas. In the event of a complex and unpredictable breakdown, „interAG“ can directly contact BAUER manufacturers for advice or technical information on how to solve the problem.

You can contact UAB „interAG“ by calling +370 672 82677 or sending an e-mail to