Live broadcasts - the life of rare Lithuanian birds

Asociatyvi nuotr.

The Environmental Protection Agency has granted permission to monitor the life of Lithuania's rare birds through live broadcasts throughout the spring and summer. 

All the collected material on the breeding biology and ecology of birdsšchis will be used for scientific purposes – for the preparation of the publication „Lithuanian Fauna.

On the website  it is already possible to observe the nest of the sea eagle. The organisers plan to broadcast from four different nests.

Ši pair of sea eagles has been monitored in Lithuania since the end of the last century, but was only found breeding in 2005. The eagles built the nest themselves and have been nesting there for several years. The eagles started to visit the nest at the beginning of February, gradually cleaned it up after the winter, and on 4 March, they laid their first fledgling. The breeding period will take about 36–38 days, and the eaglets will be in the nest for almost a month and a half until the second half of the summer.