Enchanting views in Kėdainiai District: thousands of primroses in bloom

Panašu, kad Dotnuvos seniūnijos Akademijos miestelį ramunės pasirinko pačios – jos prisisėjo savaime, nebuvo specialiai sėjamos. Aušros Kuusienės nuotr.

The second half of May brought a special gift of nature to the people of Kėdainiai. An impressive field of thousand-flowered daisies blossomed in Dotnuva municipality of Kėdainiai district, becoming a real attraction not only for the town, but also for the entire municipality or even the whole district.

Flowers have come into their own

The daisies seem to have chosen the town of Akademija in Dotnuva municipality on their own – they sowed themselves without any special sowing.

Modestas Tvaravičius, the elder of Dotnuva, said that the municipality pays a lot of attention to flower gardens, and when nature itself contributes, it is a great comfort to the heart.

„For the second year in a row, nature has given the Academy such a gift, which looks very impressive indeed. The daisies in Youth Street, in front of the educational institution, have come into their own. At least as far as I have been able to find out, as far as the locals speak, they do. Well, it's very nice for everybody, it evokes good emotions, so let it bloom and let people admire it," says the elder.

Flowers in Dotnuva receive a lot of attention

In Dotnuva, the municipality pays a lot of attention to flowers, flowerbeds and the maintenance of green spaces. And this is noticed not only by the locals, but also by the villagers.

„In Dotnuva, we have even installed several flower gardens in Vytautas Street. In previous years, we even decorated the whole street, both in Dotnuva and in Akademija. Public spaces in the municipality are being cleaned up, and the Academy Park and the maintenance of the green areas require a lot of our labour resources. We work as hard as we can to make Dotnuva ward more beautiful to live in, but also to give people passing by something to admire," said M. Tvaravičius.

Ramune – a very common plant

According to the herbalists, chamomile – is one of the most widespread and folk favourite plants. It has been sung in songs and mentioned in fairy tales.

Ramomile has a long, naked and branched stem, with feathery, thread-like leaves. The leaves are convex, with an empty ringlet inside.

Ramunia grows throughout Europe. The spread of chamomile has been particularly intense in the last century, when it began to be cultivated for medicinal purposes.

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