Maliszewski: Farmers' protests in Poland will not end soon

Asociatyvi nuotr.

Polish farmers will continue to block roads to protest against Ukraine's imports of grain and other agricultural products into the European Union (EU), a Polish parliamentary spokesman says.  

„The protests don't seem to be ending any time soon“, said Miroslaw Maliszewski, chairman of the Seimas Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, as he took part in a trilateral meeting of Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian parliamentarians and farmers' representatives in Vilnius on Friday, where they discussed the problems with Ukraine's grain and agricultural imports into the EU. 

The situation in Poland has worsened considerably with the influx of cheap agricultural products from Ukraine, he said, and competition is particularly fierce for grain, rapeseed, sugar, sunflowers, apple juice, and raspberries.   

At the time, Ivan Chaykivskyi, secretary of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada's Committee for Agrarian and Land Policy, said that the Ukrainian-Polish border should not be blocked. 

„We have lost a lot in the agricultural sector, processing and storage, many farmers have suffered, who now have nothing, I want my colleagues to understand this“, – he said.  

I. Chaykivskyj said that the load on the Ukrainian-Polish border is „fantasticallyšreduced“ because Ukraine is transporting its production in other directions. 

On Thursday, Polish and Ukrainian Prime Ministers Donald Tusk and Denys &Scaron myhal held talks aimed at reducing friction over Ukrainian agricultural imports and border blockades by Polish farmers.  

Polish farmers began blocking roads at the end of February to protest against the import of agricultural products from third countries.