CASE IH Farmall 75C electric tractor to go on sale in late 2024

Case IH C75.

„Farmall 75C Electric“ - the first CASE IH all-electric tractor with a battery that is as powerful as a diesel engine and can be recharged from 10 to 80% in less than an hour. The tractor is suitable for a wide range of farm tasks, with the additional autonomous control functions for much safer and more efficient operation and lower operating costs.

Case IH C75 3

The new „Farmall 75C Electric“ is an allšsome electric tractor with additional autonomous control features. Manufacturer Case IH has unveiled the key features of the innovative „Farmall 75C Electric“ that will be useful in agriculture and other applications:

Case IH C75 1

  • 50% mlower operating išspan. Electric „Farmall" has less wear and tear on parts and requires fewer maintenance išleads. Compared to diesel tractors, operating an electric tractor costs half as much.
  • Security mode scans the environment around the e-tractor. The Farmall 75C Electric tractor is equipped with a safety mode function - „Follow Me“ - which detects people, animals or objects in a 360-degree area around the tractor.
  • Four hours of continuous operation. When fully charged, the electric tractor can work continuously for 4 hours. The tractor can be loaded in three modes: normal in 11 hours or fast in 5 or even 1 hour.
  • Mechanical 12+12 gearbox works like a CVX The electric „Farmall“ has a manual 12+12 gearbox (three ranges, four gears). Although the transmission is simple, the driving experience is quite different – „you get in and go“. Power is available immediately!
  • Widespread adaptability. &Scaron>&Scaron's electric tractor delivers instant torque of up to 320 NM, making it suitable for heavy-duty agricultural work, municipal services, airports, light farming operations and more.
  • Simple operation. Operators will find it easier to use the higher power output than mechanical tractors.
  • Can do more than current diesel tractors. The „Farmall C Electric“, like its diesel counterpart, delivers a rated power of 75 hp while incorporating ancillary features such as row tracking, a safety mode, and a mobile remote power supply for 240V power tools such as welders.

Case IH C75 2

The Case IH „Farmall 75C Electric“ tractor received a number of important accolades at the end of last year, including the „Farm Machine 2024" award in Germany and a nomination for 2023 at the prestigious „Athenaeum" global competition for industrial innovation and design in Chicago.

The „Farmall 75C“ electric tractors will be available in North America in early 2024 and in Europe by the end of 2024.

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