Additional yield supplement. "The Agrolapai experience (VIDEO)

Founded by an agronomist and a farmer, UAB "Agrolapai" has already established itself on the agricultural market as an independent expert company dedicated to the crop and horticulture sector. It is like a counterbalance to the big companies, and the technology offered by "Agrolapai" is absolutely adapted to Lithuanian farming conditions.

"When I was working as an agronomist and studying the literature and what foreign consultants say, I noticed that this information is practicallyšsometimesšcloseštoštoš when I was working as an agronomist, I noticed that the information isš when I was working as an agronomist, I noticed that it isšnotš when I was working as a consultant, I noticed that it isš"The agronomist and director of UAB "Agrolapai" Justinas Gegeckas says, adding that he has managed to find tools and instruments that will be useful to farmers in Lithuania.

All the farming technology has been proven in practice on the farm of a colleague of Mr Gegeckas in the Pakruojis district, so it is no coincidence that the experience of "Agrolapai" is already attracting more and more attention from farmers.

Why leaf tests, seed quality tests in 4 hours, why it is better to cover seeds with nutrients than to use excessive amounts of bulk, synthetic fertilisers, which forms of products are the most effective, which measures have been proven to be effective and to what extent, what the research shows and what extra yields have been achieved – see all this in &scaron's "Agrobite play"" video.